The brand of handbags and unique accessories, created in 2011, started from a beautiful tribute to family. Grandmothers Lia Engel Markus and Eulália Marchese Tura were honored by the brand`s designer Bianca Markus and her business partner, and mother, Neia Markus on the brand`s name Lia Marchese.

Contrary to collections with an expiration date, the handbags and accessories are created and thought of so that they exceed seasons, becoming treasures passed through generations. Lia Marchese also focuses on work sustainability, minimizing the waste of raw material, partnering with conscious suppliers and valuing local leather and footwear manufacturers.

Respecting the environment is one of the premises of Lia Marchese, having as leather suppliers companies that follow the standards of Brazilian and international markets, whose leather and fur are duly certified by IBAMA, and subject to strict supervision of the competent bodies, in accordance to CITES. The creations are made from leather and fur from a secondary application to food and its control is important for maintaining the species and livelihoods of small communities. Among the materials used are bovine, caprine, cabretta, stingray, alligator and snake leather, and rabbit fur. Putting the finishing touches are frames, fabrics, stones, reforestation wood, acrylic and feathers, in a mix of cultures, colors and textures that portrays the brand`s identity.

The products are developed from the careful selection of leather, metals and other accessories that make up each piece. With the same attention, personalized collections following the clients' preferences are created, ensuring the same quality. The products are idealized for those wishing to have accessories that follow fashion trends without sacrificing the representation of each personality, with items that mix classic style with creative and modern combinations for different occasions.

The pieces undergo quality inspection throughout the process of creation, ensuring durability, practicality and products with suitable finish in every detail. Exclusive accessories and handcrafted finishings, created with unusual raw materials, provide a wide range of textures, colors and shapes.